CEO Joe Petrowski Out at Cumberland Gulf


In a surprise move, CEO Joe Petrowski is stepping down on Oct. 1, 2013. He will be replaced by Chairman Lily Bentas who will be serving as Interim CEO. Petrowski is said to have been retained as a strategic advisor to management and the board of directors.

Petrowski, during through his various leadership positions in the past eight years has overseen Gulf’s dramatic expansion in both gallons moved and its retail footprint. On the Cumberland side, the store operations have roughly tripled in profitability during his tenure.

The Cumberland Gulf Group is a family operated business and Bentas (a daughter of the company’s founders) previously served as CEO from 1991 to 2008. Filling out the leadership are Ari Haseotes, chief operating officer of the Cumberland Gulf Group and President of Cumberland Farms, as well as Ron Sabia, executive vice president of the Cumberland Gulf Group and president of Gulf Oil.

“This change comes at an exciting time for our organization. Thanks to thousands of dedicated team members throughout The Cumberland Gulf Group, we continue to achieve a high level of success and are well positioned for future growth,” said Bentas. “In particular, we would like to thank Joe for his many contributions that have helped to bring us to where we are today and look forward to his continuing assistance as a strategic adviser in the future.”

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