U.S. Energy Group Announces USE-Mobile iPad Application

 ‘At one point, you had to be in the building to have full control over energy use; and then at your desk,” explained Brian Klansky, president of US Energy Group. ‘Now, with the USE Mobile iPad application, you can be anywhere and doing anything.”

The new iPad application, provides fast-loading, full-screen visuals of real-time building data. The building owner, property manager, or superintendent can put the system on bypass, change the building’s desired indoor temperature, and much more.

‘USE-Mobile is an example of an emerging trend in building management,” stated Jerry DiCunzolo, CEO of US Energy Group and Power-Flo Technologies. ‘The technically-advanced information comes right into the hands of the manager in real-time.”

Features of the iPhone Application:

Real-time status of critical boiler information

Remotely turn the boiler on or off; provide additional heat when needed

Full system integration with US Energy Group’s Building Energy Management System (BEMS), including USE Manager and the patented Verifier® Digital Fuel Gauge.

Change desired indoor temperature remotely.

Put the system on bypass as needed.

Fast-loading, portrait or landscape interface.

The USE-Mobile iPad application is an essential tool for building managers interested in saving fuel and money and is free for current US Energy Group BEMS customers. For more information, call (718) 380-1004 or visit www.use-group.com.

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