Kolmar Americas, Inc. Announces Acquisition of New Haven Based Biodiesel Plant


Kolmar Americas, Inc., an integrated petroleum, petrochemicals, and renewable fuels marketing and trading company headquartered in Bridgeport, Conn., has announced its acquisition of the Connecticut biodiesel production facility American GreenFuels, LLC, which is located in New Haven, Conn.

Formerly known as Greenleaf Biofuels, LLC, the biodiesel plant, which is the largest operation of its type in New England, operates from within New Haven Terminal at New Haven harbor and has been steadily increasing production in each of the last three years –and is forecast to produce approximately 15 million gallons of biodiesel in 2016. According to Raf Aviner, President of Kolmar Americas, Inc., “This is a very important acquisition for Kolmar. It is the first such acquisition in the company’s history, and it shows the deep commitment Kolmar has to Connecticut, the environment, the biodiesel industry in general and to the employees at the plant, in particular. Kolmar has had a strategic relationship with the biodiesel plant for several years, and bringing this facility and its employees into the Kolmar family is a good development for all stakeholders.”

American GreenFuels is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kolmar Americas, Inc, employing more than 30 people in New Haven, Connecticut – with an active goal to expand its production capabilities. American GreenFuels produces biodiesel from used cooking oil and other waste greases sourced from within Connecticut, and throughout the northeast U. S. The finished biodiesel is consumed primarily by companies selling diesel fuel and by Connecticut homeowners after blending with conventional heating oil.


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