Wesroc® Introduces Residential Cellular Tank Monitor


Independent Technologies, Inc. announces the WESROC Remote Monitoring System’s new economical Residential Cellular Tank Monitor (RTM). This unit monitors propane and refined fuel tank levels.  The unit checks the tank every minute for instant event reporting of low and critically low levels and tank fills.  Instant alerts are sent when the monitor reaches preset levels and all tanks report at least once a week.  And the operating temperature range of -40C to + 60C (-40F to +140F) is the best in the industry.  The unit and field replaceable battery have a three year warranty.  ITC also announced that WESROC’s Industrial Cellular Remote Monitor (CTM) will now operate on all of the major cellular networks and scores of smaller networks in the US and Canada.

Independent Technologies, Inc.— http://www.wesroc.net



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