API: Gov. Cuomo’s Rejection of Constitution Pipeline an Assault against Consumers and Businesses


API Executive Director for Market Development Marty Durbin said Gov. Cuomo’s rejection of the Constitution Pipeline is a clear example of politics coming before the interests of U.S. workers and consumers. He didn’t mention other constituencies API is said to represent, such as heating oil and propane dealers.

“The Cuomo administration’s decision to reject permits for the Constitution Pipeline is another example of politics at its worst,” said Durbin. “This decision will cost the state thousands of jobs and is an assault on families and businesses.

“This decision impacts not only the residents of New York, but also the families and businesses in the surrounding states whose consumers currently pay the highest energy costs in the country. This region needs robust and reliable energy infrastructure built to supply the clean, reliable and affordable natural gas from the nearby Marcellus shale to fuel their communities.

“Improving energy infrastructure could bring lower electric bills for families and businesses, keep good paying jobs in the region and help protect the environment.

“Unfortunately for those who have said they want the jobs and economic benefits the Constitution Pipeline represents, the Cuomo administration has placed politics over the interests of workers and consumers.”


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