Blackmer® Launches New LB943 Oil-Free Reciprocating Gas Compressor Line

Blackmer®has announced the availability of its new triple-seal LB943 Oil-Free Reciprocating Gas Compressor line. Featuring innovative sealing technology, LB943 Series compressors have been designed specifically for LPG and anhydrous ammonia applications that require maximum leakage control. Blackmer LB943 Series compressors incorporate a double-distance piece design with three individual sets of packing to maintain product purity and prevent oil migration. This design also helps ensure maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions. LB943 compressors are equipped with high-efficiency valves, steel pistons and oversize piston rings for maximum wear resistance, steel-needle bearings for full rod load reversal and S3R oil seal technology for superior protection. LB943 compressors are available with flow capacities from 7 to 125 cfm (11.9 to 212 m3/h) at working pressures up to 350 psi (24.1 bar). With transfer rates up to 640 gpm (2,422 L/min), typical LB943 compressor applications include transports, railcars, terminals, and marine loading and unloading.


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