Eastern Energy Expo Hits a Hot Start

A lot of questions were answered when the doors opened for the show

The inaugural Eastern Energy Expo concluded last week to accolades from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Attendance at last week’s show exceeded 4,000 industry representatives.

More than 250 companies exhibited at the two-day trade show which was housed in three areas at the Foxwoods, CT venue and included an outdoor exhibit area. In addition, more than 50 business programs were offered during the convention.

“Our goal in creating the Eastern Energy Expo was to provide a forum that brings all segments of the petroleum marketing industry together to network and learn,” stated Eric DeGesero, Executive Vice President of the Fuel Merchants Association. “Heating fuel marketers, motor fuel distributors and HVAC service professionals all came together last week as we generated a positive buzz within the industry with this new show.”

Judy Garber, Executive Director, OESP, stated, “The joint show provided each of the partners the ability to sponsor an industry-wide convention and trade show and enabled each of the sponsors to reach a wider audience as our attendance and participation exceeded our projections. We offered four tracks of business programming during the event and the feedback to date has been very positive.”

The show also hosted “Women in Energy” programming which generated great enthusiasm from the participants and its dynamic speakers.

Eastern Energy Expo was sponsored by Oil & Energy Service Professionals (OESP), Atlantic Region Energy Expo and Pennsylvania Petroleum Association. This year’s event featured participation from Business Partner CITGO Petroleum and Premier Sponsor Bioheat® in addition to numerous other corporate sponsors. For a complete list, visit easternenergyexpo.com

Plans to get Flat stage construction are already underway for next year’s event to be held May 21-25 in Hershey, Pa.

In the August issue, Fuel Oil News will provide a full rundown on the OESP awards that were presented during its annual awards banquet.


Carlin Combustion Technologies had on display the ProX 45000 igniter. This features a reengineered circuit design, stronger components and lower internal operating temperature to increase its durability and longevity. According to the company, using its most rigorous testing protocols the igniter outlasted any other igniter the company tested. The ProX 45000 is also universal, with housing mounting locations for virtually any burner.


The Roth Industries Inc. outdoor oil tank cover was a popular attraction in the company’s booth during the show. The cover is designed to protect the top of the tank from both the weather and harmful ultraviolet rays. Effort has been made to ensure that the cover is easy to open and close in adverse weather conditions, as it swings down against the front of the tank.


Civicon was showcasing its CivaStar advanced overfill sensor. This device accurately and reliably detects the presence of liquids and performs real-time diagnostics, which the company claims as a first for the overfill sensor market. The sensor also features an LED light on the tip of the probe to provide immediate visual verification and diagnostics of non-permissive probe readings. From a maintenance standpoint, the replaceable optic sensor head provides trouble-free installation and replacement without the need to reset probe Heights.


RIELLO had on display its 40 Series oil burners. These feature (either as standard or optional depending upon the sub model) a new ducted combustion air intake that channels the external air directly into the burner.  Similarly, a new primary control is available with an integrated 24V thermostat connection.


Blue Cow Software’s Ignite Web now allows a dealer’s customers to sign up for special pricing plans online. The dealer has the ability to create, edit and customize the terms of each plan and send the customer an email link that they can review and accept directly through Ignite Web. Everything automatically imports back into Ignite and the customer’s new pricing plan will be setup up on their account with no additional work needed.

The Eastern energy Expo offered an opportunity to see the PUTNUS system at the outdoor pavilion. This compact tank, pump and metering/dispensing system allows for small but high-margin oil deliveries when immediacy, convenience or budget work against more traditional oil deliveries. Costs are low as a CDL is not required to operate the vehicle, which itself can be an inexpensive pickup truck. The system can also be used to make deliveries in locations that are particularly difficult to reach in inclement weather using a standard delivery truck.


For dispensing DEF, Blackmer had its 1”, 12V SX1 DEF pump on display for fleet refueling purposes.This was a prototype of an upgrade to that pump line.


Pegasus took wing in the Add Systems booth. Pegasus provides a service dispatcher with comprehensive information about each outstanding service call that has been placed and the technicians available for those calls. Field technicians can be linked into dispatch through a mobile wireless handheld unit, ensuring quicker and better information and on-site service. Pegasus can also extend a flat rate point-of-sale invoice or print a job ticket to be left with the customer.


With a range of items on display in the Beckett booth, one of the more interesting new product twists was the introduction of Nitrophyl floats for its King tank gauges and combination fill alarms and gauges. Nitrophyl is a substance that is impervious to petroleum which helps improve longevity and reliability. In addition, the tank gauges feature a tangle-free solid linkage that withstand rough handling, and a large, easy-to-read break resistant plastic vial that includes UV inhibitors.


Scully Signal Company highlighted its IntelliCheck 3, which it calls the “next generation of tank truck loading safety.” This is an overfill prevention and retained product control system that incorporates simplified programming and diagnostics to reduce downtime and prevent system bypass to reduce liabilities and increase safety. Sensors are mounted in the top of each vehicle compartment and wired to the unit. If the sensor is wet or a fault is detected, the IntelliCheck 3 will send a signal to shut down the loading operation preventing a potential spill.


Sprague held a special media function to go through the details and options available with its Real-Time Pricing Platform. There are too many features to detail here, but what was particularly impressive was the ability to drill down through a range of price and other data to adjust purchasing decisions to specifically fit the needs of any price program or customer subset, in volumes as low as 1000 gallon, over an entire season. It allows the fuel buyer to rationalize a range of price and margin calculations in an intuitive manner. The system also allows the dealer or marketer to place bids below current offer prices to take advantage of competitive opportunities.


Tank Utility was introducing its Wi-Fi-based tank monitoring solution that promises to benefit both the customer and the dealer. This solution is covered in greater detail in the article on tank monitors on page 15.


Kussmaul Electronics displayed its MDP-25 Mobile Data Power System that was covered in greater detail in the June issue of Fuel Oil News. As a reminder, this system helps maintain steady power during vehicle startup, which can keep some sensitive onboard computer systems from going through the restart process. The unit also operates as a surge protector to help protect the equipment from electrical spikes.


In a packed booth, Taco Comfort Solutions was prominently promoting its 007e ECM high-efficiency circulator. This is a wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor. It is designed for hydronic systems zoned with circulators or zone valves. The 007e delivers the performance equivalent of the 007 along with the traditional 00 easy installation and reliability. This motor uses up to 85% less electricity previous generation units.


Market Line Computers offered a new routing module to its Total Energy product. Total Energy is a complete management system designed for the home heating oil delivery industry.


Weil-McLain offered its Evergreen commercial high-efficiency boiler. The company states this gas/propane boiler is perfect for light commercial applications, and single or multi-boiler installations. In a multiple boiler application, the Evergreen provides 24-zone capability without an additional third-party control. It features a simple interface, with a built-in wizard for setup that takes care of the complicated calculations behind the scenes.


Honeywell was receiving considerable attention for its Lyric, Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector. This device helps protect against major water damage by alerting the homeowner that a problem is developing before it (hopefully) becomes a costly problem. The company notes that the averagely cost of a major leak is $7000 in damage. The unit is battery operated so there’s no wiring, which makes it easy to install at any location where it might be needed. The claimed battery life is up to three years. While unit comes with one water sensing cable, additional cables can be added to extend coverage up to 500 feet. You can check services right here on Robinson Restoration , if you need the best water restorations services.


Bacharach had on display its Combustion and CO Analyzers featuring B-Smart Sensors. What’s interesting about this approach is that instead of having to send the entire unit back for a sensor recalibration, a new, fully calibrated sensor can be ordered as required for replacement in the field. Similarly, there is an exchange program where a new calibrated sensor is shipped out at preset intervals for easy replacement in the field. The company notes that this allows for considerable savings in the lifetime cost of the unit. Also of note was the Bacharach Reporting App. It transfers combustion test data from all Fyrite® INSIGHT® Plus and Fyrite® InTech® combustion analyzers to a smartphone or tablet, allowing for customized reports that can be saved as a PDF file and emailed.

The Onspot automatic tire chain system went through a minor tweak this year that should enhance maintenance and reliability even further. Essentially, each chain went from 10 links to nine to enhance performance with some newer truck designs and alleviate some minor, normal wear issues while not impacting the performance of the product.


New in the booth for Thermo Pride Products LLC was its CLHS1 series natural gas and propane high-efficiency up flow furnaces. These furnaces deliver 95% AFUE with quiet performance due to an insulated cabinet. They also offer precise temperature control. These units have a reduced height of 34 ½ inches tall.


Velocity Boiler Works offered up its Raptor Firetube, high-efficiency, gas-fired (propane or natural) stainless steel, fire tube design, condensing heating and Combi boiler. This unit produces 95% AFUE efficiency with a 5:1 turndown ratio. It is controlled through an advanced Honeywell SOLA ergonomic touchscreen display. It is available as a Combi at 155 MBH featuring thermostatic mixing valve and a brazed plate heat exchanger.


Do you have customers that have air quality improvement needs that call for a portable solution? Field Controls was displaying the Trio-1000P portable that is suitable for home or office. It is designed to handle volatile organic compounds, odors and smoke. It plugs into any 120V outlet. In addition to a HEPA filter, it has a PRO-Cell photo catalytic converter and a high output UVC germicidal lamp. It has a built-in VOC sensor that automatically detects the presence of those contaminants and adjusts its operation accordingly until the contaminants are eliminated.


Testo noted its 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge.  The testo 552 has precise and reliable vacuum measurements with a resolution of 1 micron for applications in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems.  It displays the saturation temperature of H2O to ensure full and proper evacuation.  The illuminated, back display also has a visual alarm for evacuation pressure.  The testo 552 with Bluetooth links to a smart phone or device to provide analysis and reporting through the free testo SMART Probes App. The technician can easily document/report the results.  All measurement data is presented as a live single point reading, in table format or diagram, and can be simply converted into PDF or Excel files.

AquaMotion released its all new Newton AM99. The Newton is an ECM wet rotor circulator that is a drop in replacement for the Grundfos UP/UPS 26-99 and the Taco OO13-MS1 while drawing only half the power of either of these models. It is the ideal circulator for commercial water heating and residential geothermal applications. The Newton with its 11 speed options covers a broad range of performance needs including six variable speeds that automatically react to system changes to improve system efficiencies and further reducing the power consumed by the circulator. An optional built in receiver accepts a PWM signal allowing the Newton to react to changes in temperature, flow, or other system variables.


Angus Energy had a variety of interesting developments on display at the show. For Angus Brite, there was a new reporting grid structure and intuitive user interface that opened up a depth of customer information in an easy to manipulate manner. Angus Hedging introduced InstantAccess, which provides the ability to quote anywhere or any time. And Paygo, also helmed by Angus Energy CEO Philip Baratz, was launched at the show as a tank-monitor-based way for a fuel marketer to provide monthly energy billing like a utility (see the article on tank monitors on pg.15 for more details).


Fuel Right was promoting two diesel additives, Winter Blend and LUBE++. As the company notes, the winter blend formulation prevents fuel line freeze ups, lowers pour point to -25°F or below, prevents gelling and waxing, prevent sludge, prevents fouling and corrosion and improves lubricity for longer pump life. LUBE++ cleans and protects fuel systems, reduces smoke, improves performance and greatly improves lubricity for longer pump life while preventing sludge, fouling and corrosion.


Wohler had on display its highly sensitive GS 300 combustible gas sniffer. This unit is designed for tightness control and leakage detection in lines carrying combustible gases. It features an acoustic signal and vibration alarm to alert even the smallest leaks. It displays gas concentrations via a bar graph in 12 levels from 0 to 1200 ppm. Additional LED lighting turns on automatically in dark places to search for leaks in hard-to-reach spots through a flashlight function.


Energy Kinetics offered its 90+ Resolute, an efficient combined heat and hot water non-condensing boiler system. It is oil fired, but can be converted to gas or propane. The company notes it cuts up to 40% or more off of home heating bills, and provide with what it describes as “nearly endless hot showers.” It has five-zone control, is easily piped to multiple zones and provides quiet operation. It offers 90+ AFUE for both oil and gas operation, and works with polypropylene venting.


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