Empire State Energy Association Names New Chair: Marcia Booth

The Empire State Energy Association recently announced changes in its leadership. Marcia Booth of Main-Care Energy, Albany, N.Y., is the new chair of the board of directors, the association said in a statement. “Our long-time executive, Tom Peters, has retired from our association—while still being available to staff, our members, and the industry on a consulting basis,” the association said. Kris DeLair continues to staff the association office in Clifton Park, N.Y., and can be reached at kdelair@eseany.org. These changes follow changes that occurred last year, when the New York Oil Heating Association, representing marketers in New York City, and the Oil Heat Institute of Long Island split from ESEA to form the New York State Energy Coalition. That development was covered in the August 2016 issue of Fuel Oil News (“OHILI, NYOHA, Leave ESEA, Make NYSEC,” pg. 27).

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