NATSO Asks Administration to Avoid Tolling to Fund Infrastructure


“We encourage the Administration to refrain from widespread tolling of America’s infrastructure and rather to seek sustainable solutions to funding infrastructure that don’t harm American businesses and highway users,” NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings said in a statement following President Trump’s remarks at the Department of Transportation announcing a new infrastructure council.

“The truckstop and travel plaza industry is encouraged by the President’s focus on the nation’s infrastructure, including the formation of a new council tasked with helping infrastructure project managers streamline and speed up the permitting and approval process,” Mullings said.

“As an industry that depends on the efficient movement of motorists and goods along the Interstate Highway System, we understand first-hand that infrastructure is the key to facilitating a strong U.S. economy.

“In working to keep the U.S. competitive by facilitating infrastructure investment, it is imperative that the federal government maintain its strong national role in infrastructure development,” Mullings said in the June 9 statement

NATSO, based in Alexandria, Va., is the association of the U.S. travel plaza and truck stop industry.


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