Dead River Co. Acquires Breggy Oil Service


Maine-based Dead River Co., announced its acquisition of 71-year old family-owned Breggy Oil Service, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Maine. In purchasing Breggy Oil Service, Dead River Co.—itself family-owned since 1909—continues to realize the growth envisioned by president and CEO Deanna Sherman.

“We are actively looking to expand our business through acquisitions in New England and the surrounding areas,” Sherman said in a statement issued Nov. 27. “When acquiring other companies, however, it’s important that we find home heating businesses whose values and commitment to customer service match our own. Breggy Oil Service is just such a company: family-owned with a tradition of meeting its customers’ needs and being part of the local community. We’re honored that after 71 years in business, when the Breggia family decided to retire, they entrusted their customers to Dead River Company.”

“Since 1946, our family and our employees have been proud to serve our friends and neighbors,” stated Eileen Breggia. She continued, “Recently, we made the decision to retire and determined that it was in our best interest to merge with a company that shares our values, as well as our commitment to customer service and the community.”

“I am pleased that Breggy Oil is merging with another family owned business, Dead River Company,” said John Breggia. “Dead River Company has been in business for 108 years, and has earned the reputation of being responsive, caring and reliable. I firmly believe our customers, who we care for deeply, will be in very good hands.”

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