Paraco Opens Refurbishing Site

Paraco Corp. opened a propane tank refurbishment center in Waterbury, Connecticut. The center is equipped to refurbish cylinders used in barbecue grills and residential tanks. Filling is done at the site by trained employees. The center offers employment for a number of Waterbury residents, enables production of over 1.3 million units annually, and allows Paraco to maintain control over its product quality while keeping costs competitive within the market, the company says.

Paraco’s investment in the cylinder reconditioning plant positions the company to expand its cylinder exchange business throughout the Northeast, the company says. Paraco Corp. is based in Rye Brook, N.Y.

Approximately 65 people attended a grand opening on Thursday, April 26, in weather that started off a little cold, windy and cloudy before the sun peeked through for a look itself. The event included opening remarks, a breakfast, an introduction and history of the facility, personal salutations by members of Paraco’s executive team, including CEO Joseph Armentano, and a ribbon-cutting ceremony with photo session, concluding with a tour of the facility and closing remarks.

PICTURED FROM LEFT: Will Fabrizio, BBQ production manager; Angel Pagan, BBQ production supervisor; Joe McGrath, city of Waterbury; Arthur Ravo, vice president of supply chain; Joe Armentano, CEO of Paraco Corp.; Lyn Ward, Waterbury Chamber of Commerce; Geraldo Reyes Jr., Connecticut General Assembly. Photo courtesy of Paraco Corp.

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