REG to Open Its First Biodiesel Fueling Station


REG is building its first biodiesel fueling station in Seneca, Illinois. The site is strategically positioned in close proximity to REG’s Seneca plant, which produces 60 million gallons of biodiesel per year, the company said.   

“It makes great sense to build our first fueling station in Seneca,” said Jon Scharingson, REG’s executive director of sales and marketing. “This facility brings in more than 17,000 trucks per year. Those trucks have to drive through town to get to the plant. To keep the community’s air clean, we are providing those drivers with a cleaner fuel option to put in the trucks.” 

The fueling station will have a total capacity of 35,000 gallons. While this will help fleets passing through Seneca to reduce their environmental footprint, REG says the facility will also support the company’s efforts to continue growing its national presence and the nation’s biofuel infrastructure. REG’s locations across the country include 17 biodiesel, petroleum and blended fuel terminals in the Northeast.


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