Thermo Pride Products Moving to Wholesale Distribution

After nearly 70 years of selling its Thermo Pride products directly to installing contractors, manufacturer Thermo Products shifted its business model to wholesale distribution. Thermo Pride products are now available through wholesale distribution in most areas, the company said.

“After so many years being a manufacturer that sold directly to our customers, we determined that our customers can be much better served by the distribution experts,” said Rob Paquette, Thermo Products’ national sales manager. “In the ever changing oil furnace market, our method of utilizing public warehousing and common carrier trucking to deliver our products to the installing contractors no longer provided the level of service that our customers deserve,” Paquette said.

Rob Paquette, national sales manager of Thermo Products. Courtesy of Thermo Products.

Thermo Products started the migration to wholesale distribution in New Jersey and Long Island several years ago. In 2015, the company switched its Mobile Home and Spirit furnace lines over to wholesale distribution in all areas. In the fall of 2018, the premium Thermo Pride products were switched from dealer direct to distribution in the Mid-Atlantic region and New York State. Most recently the switch occurred in New England and the remaining areas will follow in the coming months, the company said.

Thermo Products was established in 1946 in North Judson, Indiana.  A maker of residential furnaces, Thermo Products, LLC is now based in Denton, N.C.  The company offers oil furnaces, gas furnaces, mobile home furnaces and air handlers including a selection of Energy Star qualified products. For more information and to find participating distributors, visit and click on the “Distributor Locator” button at the top of the home page.

PICTURED: Rob Pacquette, national sales manager, Thermo Products. Photo courtesy of Thermo Products.

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