R.W. Beckett Advanced Renewable Fuel Burner

R.W. Beckett, North Ridgeville, Ohio, announced that its AFG burner will be rated for R95+ fuel, which is a 95% renewable diesel, by 2020. This new capability will provide communities, fuel dealers, and service technicians a pathway to a net-zero carbon solution for the heating industry, the manufacturer said in an announcement on Sept. 16

Initial adoption is anticipated in the Pacific Northwest, western Canada, and select areas of the Northeast in 2020, the company said. “We are excited this new line of oxygen-free renewable diesel (R95) burners will only require a modest upgrade to the existing installed base and be supported with current warranty coverage,” said Fred Hunt, director of sales and marketing. “We see renewable diesel as the breakthrough that creates a bright and sustainable future for liquid fuels within the heating industry.”

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