General Filters Rolls Out New Brand Identity

General Filters, Novi, Michigan, announced a new brand identity that includes new logos, colors, and design. The transition has begun, and will continue in months to come.

Since its founding in 1937, General Filters has updated its corporate logo just once. “The previous designs were appropriate at the time, but as the face of the industry changes so must we,” the company said in an announcement detailing the changes. “Over the last few years we have designed new products, acquired Second Wind UV Air Purifiers, updated literature, launched a new website, and introduced a new AHR Expo booth design.

The GeneralAire logo has been changed from red to blue, with an updated tagline that reads, “Breathe Healthier.”

The new logo of GeneralAire.

The company said the new design provides a clearer indication of what its products offer homeowners: “gentle flowing, fresh, clean, and healthy air” flowing throughout customers’ homes.

General Filters manufactures internal air quality (IAQ) products, and oil filter products. The new corporate logo better reflects the entire lineup of these products, General Filters said, with a design that is fresh, contemporary, and relates to a broader audience.

The new corporate logo for General Filters, Inc.

“The water drop speaks not only to humidity control but also to oil. The wavy white lines speak to the clean, fresh, healthy, air” introduced throughout homes by GeneralAire and Second Wind products. Founded in 1937, General Filters, Inc. manufactures whole house residential IAQ products (humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, UV light purifiers and ventilation equipment) and residential heating fuel oil filters. General Filters’ brands include GeneralAire, Second Wind, Gar-Ber, Unifilter, and General (Oil). With a manufacturing plant in Novi, MI and offices in Canada, products can be purchased from wholesaler and contractor customers across North America. Visit: for more information.

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