N.H. Governor Announces ‘Stay at Home 2.0’


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu announced a new, modified Stay-at-Home Order. “Stay at Home 2.0” is in effect until May 31st.

The state is taking steps to reopen the economy “in a smart, phased approach that is supported by facts, science and data,” the governor said in a statement.

Each of the decisions and guidance documents below have been reviewed by State Epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan and his team at the New Hampshire’s Public Health Department, the governor said.

“The people of New Hampshire have taken this epidemic incredibly seriously,” said Sununu. “We have all played a small part in flattening the curve and slowing the spread of COVID19. We all know you are healthier at home, and that continues to be true, but we are also taking steps to reopen our economy in a smart, step-by-step approach that is supported by facts, science and data.”

Universal Guidance is being issued for any business that is currently open, or will soon be opening, under these next steps. This universal guidance will serve as the bare minimum standards which businesses must meet to maintain or begin operations. For specific industries with specific operational procedures, industry specific guidance for certain sectors can be found below. The governor announced the details of “Stay at Home 2.0” on May 1.


All applicable industries are able to start opening up in incremental phases as determined by Public Health.

Universal Guidance

Industries that can continue to operate with new, modified guidance:

Public and Private Campgrounds Guidance

New Hampshire State Park Guidance

Manufacturing Guidance

Industries that can begin to phase-in services on May 4, 2020:

Certain Health Care Services Guidance

Industries that begin to phase-in, or expand services on May 11, 2020:

Retail Store Guidance

Drive-in Movie Theater Guidance

Public and Private Golf Course Guidance

Barbers and Hair Salon Guidance

Industries that can begin to phase-in, or expand services on May 18, 2020:

Restaurant Guidance


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