Affordable Fuels Launches Simeon Fuel

Affordable Fuels, a full-service fuel distributor in Middleburg, Pennsylvania, is marketing its own brand, Simeon Fuel, treated with an additive called The Fuel Ox. The Simeon Fuel brand includes diesel, gasoline and heating oil, which Affordable Fuels delivers to customers throughout Central Pennsylvania. The fuel dealer is incorporating the additive into its products as a new ultra-low sulfur diesel standard is due to take effect in Pennsylvania, combined with increasingly rigid engine standards on performance and efficiency, said Arden Steiner, president of Affordable Fuels. 

“I want to sell products that I can stand behind, but the diesel fuel being refined these days has not kept up with the demands of modern engines, especially since the ULSD mandate,” Steiner in a news release. He said the additive provides improved fuel efficiency, engine performance and emissions control.

On June 18, Pennsylvania’s Independent Regulatory Review Commission voted unanimously to approve a regulation reducing the sulfur content of heating oil from 500 ppm to 15 ppm, Ted Harris of the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association said. PPA supported the final regulation, Harris said. The regulation still needs review by the state’s Attorney General before publication. Harris said the regulations will become effective September 1, 2020.

The Fuel Ox said its product is “a concentrated, multifunctional fuel additive enhanced by a proprietary organometallic combustion catalyst to deliver a more complete combustion cycle.” Customers generally report fuel efficiency gains of 4% to 12%, the additive maker said. The additive also reduces soot and emissions, prolonging the life of diesel particulate filters, and reducing the need for manual regenerations, the additive maker said. In addition, it provides the benefits of a traditional fuel additive, cleaning and stabilizing fuel, protecting fuel injectors, guarding against corrosion, and removing water, the additive marketer said.

Fuel Ox LLC manufactures and markets fuel additives for truck, marine vessel and heavy equipment. The Fuel Ox was originally developed for the U.S. military. It comes in a variety of seasonal and application-specific formulas.

The Fuel Ox is 100% soluble and can be used in all petroleum-based fuels. It is available in containers ranging from its 3-ounce OTR package formulated for single big-rig fill-ups to one-gallon bottles that treat up to 10,000 gallons of fuel; 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes are available for use in filling stations and bulk terminals. For more information, call Alec Taylor, Fuel Ox director of operations, at (844) 8FUELOX or visit

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