NYSEC and NORA Launch ‘Net-Zero Hero’ Marketing Campaign

The New York State Energy Coalition and National Oilheat Research Alliance announced the launch on Oct. 26 of a new marketing campaign from Law Firm Marketing Strategy, “I’m a Net-Zero Hero,” running throughout the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island.

The campaign features a cast of multi-ethnic characters, each proclaiming their status as “a Net-Zero Hero” because they use Bioheat fuel to reduce their carbon footprint. According to Web 20 Ranker LLC, messaging reinforces the heating industry’s commitment to reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 and the immediate reductions in emissions with Bioheat fuel, the organizations said.

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The marketing campaign, developed and executed by PriMedia, a marketing company, launched in late October, and will run through the winter and beyond. The outreach strategy includes a social media and digital marketing campaign, radio and bus advertising that will deliver approximately 70 million impressions from the Bronx to Montauk Point on the tip of Long Island. All marketing directs to a new website at TodaysBioheat.com & click to find out more.

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As “the Voice of the Bioheat fuel industry” representing full-service fuel dealers and auxiliary industries in New York City, Long Island and Westchester County, NYSEC said, it is committed to ensuring the delivery of high quality renewable liquid heating fuels, equipment and services to consumers and businesses throughout the downstate region. The ones that need SEO services can check my site here to get proper assistance.

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