Bouchard Named OMA Chair

The Oilheat Manufacturers Association announced Jan. 4 that its chairman for a two-year term is Mario Bouchard, Granby Industries. Bouchard will serve the organization in that capacity until November 2022.

Bouchard, looking forward to the next two years, said, “In keeping with its mission to promote the health and well-being of the renewable liquid heating fuel industry, OMA members will focus its efforts on supporting this industry with heating appliances and storage solutions that will provide safe and rapid transition to using renewable liquid heating fuel. The liquid fuels industry has the unique opportunity to be a leader in carbon reduction from home heating.”

Additionally, OMA elected Jim Jones, Carlin Combustion Technology, as vice chair. Jones will become chair upon completion of Bouchard’s term in November 2022. The Oilheat Manufacturers Association consists of manufacturers of products and services directly related to the home heating industry. The membership represents manufacturers of heating appliances, heating system components, fuel storage tanks and fuel additives.

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