Connecticut Takes a Pass on TCI


Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced that the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) will not be included in the budget, according to a June 6 email to members of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association.

“This means that TCI is dead for the year! This is an organizational win for your customers and our entire industry!” CEMA President Chris Herb said in the email. He added: 

“I want to thank all of the CEMA’s members who hosted more than a dozen rallies at their gas stations to raise awareness about the damage that TCI would have on prices and supply, for posting our QR campaign in your c-stores that generated over 5,000 e-mails to the Governor and legislators opposing TCI, and for the more than sixty members who testified against the legislation at the public hearing that was held earlier in the year. 

“This cap and trade program was solely designed with the purpose of ending the motor fuel industry as we know it, and Connecticut legislators stood up for your business by rejecting Governor Lamont and the Department of Energy and Environment Protection’s (DEEP) efforts to get it adopted. 

“We overcame very large interests like BP, Shell, Ford Motor Cars, National Grid, a myriad of environmental organizations, and EV interests supported the Governor by spending tens of thousands of dollars on lobbyists, radio and digital advertising to get TCI approved.”


Herb further wrote that “TCI has significant design flaws that would have done little to nothing to reduce emissions, while creating supply shortages and price spikes. It is time for regulators to go back to the drawing board to find real solutions to lower emissions that do not hurt small businesses and consumers.”

Herb said CEMA will work with the administration and legislative leaders on” real solutions that lower emissions while promoting and protecting the businesses that we represent.”

Herb credited the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut and the New England Convenience Store and Energy Marketers Association “for going to battle with us locally against TCI, and to the Energy Marketers of America (formally PMAA) and MassFiscial Alliance for their national and regional support.”

Herb added, “CEMA will continue to oppose efforts by regulators and legislators who want to electrify us out of business.

“We will now reach out to the administration and legislative leaders to help them find real solutions they do not harm consumers and our members!”


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