Connecticut, R.I., Enact New Biodiesel Requirements

Governors in Connecticut and Rhode Island signed legislation that requires higher blends of biodiesel in home heating oil in coming years, the National Energy & Fuels Institute reports in the July 20 issue of its weekly newsletter, NEFI Energy Online News (NEON).

On July 12, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed HB6412, a bill to require B5 in 2022, B10 in 2025, B15 in 2030, B20 in 2034, and B50 in 2035, according to the newsletter and the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association.

On July 13, Rhode Island Gov. Daniel McKee signed H5132A, the newsletter reports, “which moves beyond the existing B5 requirement to B10 in 2023, B20 in 2025, and B50 in 2030.

”The New York state legislature passed a bill (S3321A/A7290) in May that expands the existing downstate B5 requirement statewide in 2022 and requires B10 in 2025 and B20 by 2030, the newsletter also noted, but that legislation has not been enacted pending Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature.

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