Ray Energy Completes Expansion of Propane Terminal


Ray Energy has completed an expansion of their propane rail and transport facility on the border of New York and Vermont to meet the increased demand of their Northeast customers.

The company has installed two new 60,000-gallon propane storage tanks increasing total fixed storage capacity to 360,000 gallons. Combined with the 480,000 gallons that can be stored on rail cars, the facility now can store 840,000 gallons to ensure fuel availability to meet the demand during peak months.

Two additional dual-sided rail towers with retractable arms increase railcar offload capacity to 16 railcars per day.

A third truck loading stanchion, with its own dedicated pump and loading station, reduces wait times during the winter season. With an approximate load time of 15 to 20 minutes, the facility now accommodates 50 transports per day. State-of-the-art technology provides electronic data transmission of every load and smart hoses secure product and protects personnel.

“We’ve watched the propane demand in the Northeast accelerate,” said Ken Ray, President of Ray Energy, in a statement issued in October. “The increased propane storage and additional throughput capacity will better serve propane marketers with a reliable fuel supply and improved service capabilities.”


The Ray Energy propane rail & truck terminal continues to provide safe fuel access while helping to reduce truck and rail traffic to and from the Albany, NY, terminals, GHG emissions, and infrastructure pressure on NYS highways. Onsite backup power is available so any outages on the electric grid will not restrict operations.

For more information on Ray Energy, visit www.rayenergy.com.

Founded in 1904, Ray Energy Corp. is a midstream wholesale propane supplier utilizing a strategic supply system incorporating multiple locations, supply scheduling, and coordination of a diversified portfolio of assets to achieve the ultimate goal of providing their customers an extremely reliable supply of propane. The company also provides programs to manage price volatility, reducing risk and protecting profitability. The fourth-generation family company continues the tradition of outstanding service and customer satisfaction established by the Ray family over a century ago. The company is committed to the reliable delivery of high-quality fuel products and pursuing new and innovative energy technologies.


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