Oil Heat Cares Provides New Boiler for Senior Volunteer


Micki McCabe has been working and volunteering with non-profit Connecticut Braille, helping the blind for many years.

Still working at age 83, she had not received a salary since January, 2020. When her 40-year-old boiler needed to be replaced about a year ago, she found herself with no extra funds. Rob Capri of Gault Energy contacted Oil Heat Cares for help. F.W. Webb donated a TRIO triple pass boiler. The domestic hot water was provided by a direct  red Bock hot water heater. An extra zone was left for a future indirect hot water heater.

Once the project was completed, Ms. McCabe wrote to express “sincere thanks to the wonderful team from Oil Heat Cares that replaced my oil burner. It is such a relief to not worry that my old burner might not make it thru the winter.

“Neal and the team of workers were so thoughtful and reminded me of Xmas Elves. They explained the time frame for what they would do and were right on schedule. I am overwhelmed by this special gift and those who made it possible. It was a true gift that keeps on giving. I shall always remember my 83rd birthday and this special Xmas. (They were only a few days apart!) Please convey my gratitude to all those wonderful gentlemen who brought this special gift to my home.”


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