Shipley Energy Acquires Mauger Energy and Emery Oil

Shipley Energy announced the acquisitions of Mauger Energy and Emery Oil companies, both located in suburban Philadelphia. The heating oil acquisitions both closed in December 2021.

Shipley Energy Executive Vice President of Operations Dan Santillo stated, “These two acquisitions not only help create economies of scale and operational efficiencies, but they also provide us with a strong foothold in suburban Philadelphia.”

Shipley Energy has been providing heating oil to customers for over 90 years. Based in Pennsylvania, Shipley Energy serves diesel, gasoline, heating oil, propane, natural gas, electricity, and HVAC services to residential, commercial, and wholesale customers throughout the Northeast.

These two acquisitions closed out a busy acquisition year for Shipley Energy ( The company in 2021 also acquired Haly Oil Company in Pennsylvania, Lykins Energy Solutions’ electricity business in Ohio, and Bollinger Energy’s petroleum business in Maryland.

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