Western Global Announces Online Ordering for Two Fuel Tank Models


Western Global, announced that its FuelCube and TransCube Global tanks are available for purchase online.

 “We are looking forward to seeing the ease and success of how this online option can improve the logistics of our customers’ operations,” said John Cleary, Western Global Americas Vice President of Sales. “This is a convenient resource for our customers, allowing them to order at any time, day or night – whenever they are ready to make their purchase.”

The TransCube Global tank features 110-percent fluid containment and is DOT approved to provide safe fuel transport anywhere it’s needed. With features like a lockable equipment cabinet, galvanized frame and four-way forklift pockets, the TransCube Global can save time and money while reducing risk on busy jobsites. TransCube Global fuel tanks are manufactured in sizes ranging from 132-1,204 gallons.

The FuelCube is a compact and economic stationary fuel tank that is field proven for onsite supply and refueling in construction and distribution. The FuelCube offers features such as an integral lockable equipment cabinet for security, double-walled and weatherproof containment, stackable corner brackets for better storage and two-way forklift pockets for easy mobility when empty. Western Global’s FuelCube is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 243 to 1,862 gallons.

The process of ordering online is simple and consists of selecting the tank size, fuel type and pump, then checking out. For online orders, three sizes of the FuelCube tanks are available, ranging from 243 to 1,016 gallons. Three sizes of the TransCube Global tanks are also available to order online, ranging from 251 to 1,204 gallons. Customers can choose either diesel or gasoline for the fuel type and select from three pump options.


The current estimated lead time for delivery is listed on the ordering page for each product. Customers can view and order from Western Global’s online store at https://store.western-global.com.

Learn more about Western Global, their fuel storage solutions and the online store at www.western-global.com. Western Global, Troy, Michigan, is a designer and manufacturer of tanks and equipment for fuel storage.


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