R.W. Beckett and Sid Harvey’s Offer 25% Matching AEC Contribution

The American Energy Coalition (AEC) is pleased to announce that Sid Harvey’s and R.W. Beckett have partnered to offer a challenge to their peers, customers and suppliers to contribute to the American Energy Coalition’s (AEC) Spring Fundraising Campaign. Together, Beckett and Sid Harvey will match all contributions to the AEC Spring Fundraising Campaign with twenty-five cents on every dollar contributed.

The decision by Sid Harvey and Kevin Beckett challenges other Industry Stakeholders to also support the AEC efforts to promote the benefits of Oilheat and keep a check on the threats from the Environmental Lobby and State Legislative efforts to “cancel” our fuel.

This Matching Challenge has been hugely successful in prior years and has been used effectively by the AEC Investment Committee, co-chaired by Kevin Beckett and Bryan Coyne, as they engaged their Fundraising Campaigns. The Challenge has also benefited State Oilheat Associations who have seen their allocation of AEC Marketing Funds increase by 25% as they participated in the AEC Marketing Campaigns.

The Beckett and Sid Harvey match will apply to all donations received by the AEC from now through June 30, 2022. The first $160,000 in contributions received will result in a total of $200,000 added to the AEC coffers to promote clean, efficient, friendly, oil-heat. The AEC thanks both organizations for their continued generosity, Industry Leadership, and especially their strong support for the AEC. New threats to our Oilheat Industry have been introduced over the years, including the most recent “Electrification” effort, while traditional threats have remained including those from Gas Utilities that continue to aggressively pursue Oilheat Customers with false claims that promise cost savings and environmental benefits by converting to Natural Gas; claims that the AEC continues to refute through Radio Commercials, Bill Inserts, Data Sheets, E-Mail Blasts, Social Media Outreach and a robust, well-maintained Website: americanenergycoalition.org. The Sid Harvey / Beckett support, and the support of other Oilheat Industry Stakeholders, is critical to maintain this effort.

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