Suburban, Iwatani to Develop Propane Blend


Suburban Propane Partners, a nationwide distributor of propane, renewable energy and related products and services, as well as an investor in low-carbon fuel alternatives (Suburban Propane), and Iwatani Corporation of America (Iwatani), a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Iwatani Corporation announced an agreement to collaborate in advancing the adoption of low-carbon alternative energy solutions across multiple applications in the propane market; including propane blended with renewable dimethyl ether (Propane+rDME). The parties have also agreed to collaborate on opportunities to advance investments in hydrogen infrastructure and transportation services in the United States.

Leveraging Iwatani’s research and development laboratory in Japan, as well as each company’s respective relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers, Suburban Propane and Iwatani will work together to test and evaluate material compatibility, equipment performance and emissions profiles of residential and commercial appliances, forklifts and on-road vehicles at varying blend levels of Propane+rDME. This new product combines clean, versatile and abundantly available propane with the renewable, low-carbon benefits of rDME, produced by Oberon Fuels, Inc., to help create a pathway for lowering emissions to meet aggressive carbon reduction standards, the companies said in a statement.

Engaging with OEMs, the parties will also collaborate to accelerate the adoption of Propane+rDME both in the United States and Japan. In addition to their work on accelerating the market penetration of Propane+rDME, Suburban Propane and Iwatani will also explore investment and development opportunities to expand the distribution network for hydrogen in the United States.


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