NYSEC Warns of Potential Scam

Someone posing as a fuel dealer tried to order $10,000 worth of Fujitsu units from a supplier, using the fuel dealer’s purchase order, reports the New York State Energy Coalition.

“The scammer arranged to pick up the material on Saturday November 12th,” NYSEC’s CEO, Rocco J. Lacertosa, writes in an email to members. “In addition, the scammer gave a cell phone number which turned out to be bogus.”

Lacertosa reports, “When Saturday arrived, instead of the person who called [in the illicit order], a courier service showed up to pick up the materials.”

The supplier “recognized that something was not right,” and called the fuel dealer to alert him, Lacertosa says.

“This is something that has been happening recently,” Lacertosa says. “I want to warn everyone that if they get a call like this from one of their customers that they should alert the authorities immediately. Supply houses should contact their customers if they get a sense that something is not right.”

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