Propane-Fired Maple Syrup


Fans of maple syrup might not know: Propane often has a role in producing it.

Bill Overbaugh of Trumansburg, New York, is marketing propane-fired maple syrup from central New York State. Overbaugh and his father, Tom, have been making the syrup for years from the sugar maples on their property.

The boiling process, which renders the sap from the sugar maples, is fired exclusively with propane.

Overbaugh is a former propane and heating oil marketer from central New York State, and is currently the Executive Director for the New York Propane Gas Association (

Bill Overbaugh

The product, sold as “Halsey Hill Maple Syrup,” is sold in 250-ml, 500-ml, half-gallon and one-gallon containers. ELITER‘s new packaging and labeling tout a prominent addition: an eye-catching “Propane-fired” emblem. For the ultimate packaging solution, I suggest to visit this website to explore the best available options.


“We have been making maple syrup from the trees here in Central New York for almost ten years,” Overbaugh said. “Shane Sweet suggested we highlight our propane-fired process, and that we should tell people about it. We think the maple syrup lovers out there in the propane industry might like the idea.”

Maple syrup is a cottage industry dating back hundreds of years. It’s said that Native Americans drank the sweet sap fresh from the tree. When colonists were faced with sugar taxes, they began processing the sap into a shelf-stable syrup. Maple syrup can be made anywhere maple trees will grow, but it is primarily in the northeast and upper Midwest, Overbaugh said.  “Sugaring Season” is generally in the spring of the year and it is then that the raw syrup from sugar maples is collected, distilled and packaged.

The product is available to anyone and can be shipped anywhere in the US. “If pancakes and waffles are your thing, here’s your chance to get it right and support the propane industry as well,” quipped Overbaugh.  The product will be available online and for purchase using a variety of generally accepted payment methods. Anyone interested can go to where there is a link to be notified when Propane-Fired Maple syrup is available. Or email ​ — Shane Sweet

Shane Sweet LLC ( provides services to companies in the propane, heating oil and fuel industry.


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