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The mission of Women in Energy is to connect and empower women working in the energy industry. According to Women in Energy Executive Director Judy Garber, “We do this by providing career resources, creating networking and mentoring opportunities, promoting educational courses, and developing strategies to minimize obstacles women may face in the industry.

One of the group’s initiatives was the creation of an annual Mentorship Award.  The Industry Outreach Committee, chaired by Liz Hill, PriMedia Inc., oversees the award.

Hill shared, “The goal of this Award is to invest in our industry’s future by providing students, women currently working for an energy company with less than 5 years, or women who wish to change careers, with valuable connections and tools for success. The award also highlights the outstanding career opportunities available within the energy industry”. 

Women in Energy recognizes the winners at their awards banquet held in conjunction with the group’s Annual Conference. This year’s event will be held September 20-22, 2023 in Hershey, PA.

Hill noted that award winners participate as guests at the Annual Conference and receive complimentary membership which includes subscription to the group’s

Self-Paced Learning Center. Participation at the conference is a great opportunity to connect with other women energy professionals. 

Garber commented, “Our 2022 Winner, Veronica Miller, is a noteworthy example of the objective of this award.  Veronica had a 13-year career in nursing but felt a calling to do something else. She was working as a home hospice nurse when she saw firsthand some of the living conditions some of the patients under her care were experiencing. She realized that the energy industry too could be a very rewarding career.”

In the letter of recommendation received from her program coordinator at Trident Technical College, he stated, “Having women like Veronica with interest in the AC&R field is why I am providing this letter of support for her.”

“Veronica’s goal is to one day have her own company. She wants to be able to find energy efficient and cost-effective ways to give back to people in the community. She wants to give people the option of feeling comfortable getting reliable services from a woman. She feels making connections, meeting other women in the industry, and always learning will be beneficial to reach her dreams one day,” Garber said.

Garber noted that at the 2022 conference, the group acknowledged a previous Mentorship Award Winner.

“Due to Covid, our 2020 annual conference was virtual, rather than in-person, so we were pleased to recognize one of our 2020 winners at the conference. Sutton Woolley, currently a junior in high school, was properly recognized. Sutton works in her family’s business, Woolley Home Solutions, Maplewood, NJ.

The deadline for receipt for applications for Women in Energy’s 2023 Mentorship Award is April 15, 2023. Details can be found at https://wewomeninenergy.com/about-us/mentorship-program/

“With just over five years since Women in Energy was incorporated, we are proud of our accomplishments.  To date, WE has grown to over 400 members, both individual and corporate and we appreciate the support and participation of our members and sponsors as we continue to grow,” Garber concluded. To learn more about Women in Energy, visit WeWomeninEnergy.com

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