NORA Releases Biodiesel Blends Quick Guide for Technicians

As the liquid heating industry continues to decarbonize through ever-increasing blends of biodiesel in fuel, questions have arisen as to the proper way to manage service in the field. NORA consulted service technicians, educators, manufacturers and its own research to identify the most common questions about servicing biofuel powered heating appliances.

The results were narrowed down to six questions centered around cad cell readings and shut-down, head coking, setting-up a combustion analyzer, fuel unit (pump) binding, filter clogging and carbon emission reductions.

In response, NORA has issued its Biodiesel Blends Quick Guide, where each of these is addressed in a simple and actionable manner. The Quick Guide is available online at or download it here.

Bob O’Brien, NORA’s Director of Education said of the guide, “Technicians are seeing more and more biodiesel blend installations which have raised questions and unfortunately, have often generated misinformed answers. This Quick Guide gives them the simple and correct information to make sure the system continues to run safely, reliably and efficiently.”

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