Tremcar USA Plant Is Up and Running

Tremcar USA completed construction of a manufacturing building in Strasburg, Ohio. The extra 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space is devoted to the production of aluminum DOT 406 tank-trailers. With this new development, the production capacity has more than doubled and the company anticipates a twofold increase in production in the next year.

Tremcar established operations in the U.S. in 1998, and has been in Ohio since 2004. “It was time we invested in renovating our installations to meet greater demands from our customers in the USA,” says Daniel Tremblay, President of the Tremcar group.

The new production facility, which includes three new production lines, has been up and running since mid-October and already the production output has increased. Dave Brooks, General Manager at Tremcar USA, said that the $4 million investment was a necessity. “Production has definitely gone up, our employees are well established, they master the craft of building quality tanks, and the extra space is definitely the peak in achieving production efficiency.”

Process improvement and safety was at the heart of the decision to expand. Tremblay said, “We now offer a safer working environment with top-of-the-line technology helping our employees to work smarter not harder.”

Tremcar USA has refined its equipment with the latest technology. The company said new equipment includes barrel rotators, fixtures, and tool boxes.

Tremcar USA said it is also finishing an expansion of its service facility, adding two bays to bring the total to 10. The extra 5,000 square feet of maintenance and repair space will increase service capacity. The service facility is located beside the manufacturing plant. These industrial facilities should install a Specialised Flooring for Heavy Machinery Areas to help avoid floor damages and work accidents. Optimize safety and efficiency with our stationary work platforms, providing stable elevated surfaces for workers to perform tasks securely, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity

As a result of these expansions, Tremcar USA is looking for welder fabricators and welder fitters. Apply online at

Tremcar USA’s head office is in Strasburg, Ohio. It manufactures aluminum tank-trailers for North America; tank-trailers dedicated to the domestic market as well as exported to Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. Tremcar USA is known for building bigger barrels equipped with multi-axles. The company also services and leases tank-trailers through Tremlease Leasing.

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