PPA Announces New Members

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association announced that three new members joined the organization.

Pilot Travel Centers, Knoxville, Tenn., joined as an active member. Active Members are independent branded and non-branded petroleum marketers who sell gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and other petroleum products at both the wholesale and retail levels, including convenience stores.

Sustainable Energy Strategies, Inc., joined as an associate member. Associate Members are firms that supply Active members with petroleum products and other related services and products.

Sustainable Energy Strategies was founded in 1997 as a contractor in the alternative fuels industry, with an initial focus on biodiesel, ethanol (E85), and propane as transportation fuels. The company has extensive experience with electric and hybrid, natural gas, and high-efficiency vehicle technologies as well. Its range of services includes project management, grant writing, infrastructure development, and government/industry liaison.: Jill Hamilton, President, can be reached by email at jhamilton@sesi-online.com or phone: (703) 322-4484.

Family Heating and Cooling, Center Valley, PA, joined as a PPA Technology Education Center member. PPATEC Members are HVAC contractors and/or energy marketers who do not sell heating oil in the state of Pennsylvania.

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