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Do You Want to be Known as an Oil Dealer or Comfort Provider?

By Philip J. Baratz We have a number of clients who have chosen to stick with the path that their grandfather trail blazed two generations ago, by selling heating oil to homeowners, along with installing and servicing the heating equipment. We have others who have rapidly diversified to the point where, as one of our clients put it, “if it’s a ...

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B20 in the freeze

There has always been an issue with heating oil (and diesel) and the winter. Adding biofuel to the mix does change things, but how much?

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Biodiesel’s Added Value

For farmers across America, crushing facilities, biodiesel production refineries, commodity trading desks, petroleum terminals and bulk plants, petroleum distributors, transport fleets, oil heat consumers and many other related biodiesel market segments, we find ourselves in stand-by mode.

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A few months ago I met with a group of industry folks to discuss LNG supply, infrastructure (storage), finance, and transportation

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