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Growing pains

Feature Story Infrastructure playing catch-up with increased use of biofuels By Joel Glatz A few years ago, biodiesel and bioheat were poorly understood and often ridiculed by the average fuel marketer. However, with the increasing cost of petroleum and the demand for cleaner fuels on the rise, it’s no surprise that serious consideration is being paid to a fuel that ...

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Pool heating is one of many ways fuel-oil dealers can diversify their operations

FeaturesWarming to the occasion Steve Adams, service and installation manager for Oil Services Inc., kneeling, Richard Levi, co-owner of OSI, standing left, and Jim Colwell, national sales manager for Diversified Heat Transfer Inc., check the water temperature of the pool at the Catalina Beach Club following the installation of DHT’s E-ZEE FLOW Heat Exchanger. Pool heating has become another way ...

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Go bio!The reasons are many for oilheat dealers to consider offering bioheat to their customers

Featuresby Joel Glatz Joel Glatz is vice president of Frontier Energy, a wholesale and retail biodiesel distributor headquartered in China, Maine. A 21-year veteran of the oilheat industry, he also offers consulting services relating to biodiesel and bioheat. You can reach him at (207) 445-5274 or email joelg@frontierenergy.org. Biodiesel is attracting a lot of attention from all sides. While the ...

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Pennsylvania company pioneering the availability of biofuel on the East Coast

Features BY CHRIS TRACZEK An energy company in Pennsylvania, Independence Biofuels Inc., is helping the nation move closer to energy security by opening a state-of-the-art injection facility featuring biofuels in Highspire, Pa. Worley & Obetz, Inc., established in 1946, has become the largest family-owned energy company in Lancaster County and has become the sole user of Independence BioFuels’ product line, ...

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