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Bio-Fuel Oil in Focus ‘ Part 1

Cover Story Bio-Fuel Oil in Focus ‘ Part 1 New York Governor George Pataki with Sprague Energy President and CEO John McClellan at the grand opening of its Albany, NY Biofuel facility. FON takes an in-depth look at going clean and greenBy Keith Reid Biofuels are inescapable both in the public domain and throughout the industry. Hardly a week goes ...

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Diversify to Succeed

Having a range of business options can keep the profits rolling in year round and insulate an operation from periodic downturns in the industry

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Adding the Right Stuff

Cover Story Fuel additives, applied properly, can be a corrective for some chronic problemsBy Stephen Bennett Season to season, heating oil deliverymen encounter systems clogged to varying degrees by sediment or bacterial growth, which brings us to the use of fuel additives to treat such problems.The quality of No. 2 home heating oil and the presence of sediment and water ...

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Investing in Biofuels

Feature Story Building plants and developing breakthrough technologies require the proper financial commitment By Keith Reid The biofuels push is being driven by a variety of factors. There are commercial and industrial pressures, political pressures, ecological activist pressure and the general pressure from the population to simply ‘do something” about our current energy dependence. However, once you move past the ...

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