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On Getting into the Propane Business

  Operational realities of the propane business can give heating oil dealers who are new to it plenty to reckon with, says an expert.   By Stephen Bennett   Launching a propane business is a six- to eight-year proposition and, “in the first three years you’re going to bleed money,” says Sean Cota, managing director of Cetane Associates, a company ...

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The Ins and Outs of Dual Fuel Marketing

By Stephen Bennett Shane Sweet once worked for a heating oil company in southwestern Vermont that acquired a propane business. It was the mid 1980s and building was booming. “For the first two years we didn’t run an ad in the paper,” said Sweet, now the executive director of the New York Propane Gas Association. That was because they didn’t ...

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NPGA Regulatory Update: Propane

By Stephen Bennett Regulatory agencies including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Department of Energy have issued proposals that the National Propane Gas Association, is supporting energetically, fighting avidly or monitoring closely, sometimes in conjunction with other trade groups. Sarah Arena, director of regulatory affairs for the NPGA, said the DOT initiatives have ...

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Propane Bills Successful in State Legislatures

Courtesy of PGANE While NPGA’s State Affairs program has focused on industry priorities such as preventing natural gas expansion and capitalizing on autogas opportunities, there are a collection of propane-specific bills that have been watched closely over the past months. With almost half of the legislatures now adjourned for the year, there are some positive things to report.  Congratulations to ...

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Green Marketing, Industry Experience Drives Genesee Fuel & Heating Company

By Nicholas Upton Thriving in the heating oil business is a tough job these days, but when you’re selling to a market that is incredibly environmentally focused, it can be even tougher. Yet Steven T. Clark at Genesee Fuel & Heating Company in Seattle is thriving through smart marketing, innovation and growing through close industry involvement. The company has a ...

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Propane Outlook Going into 2015

By Keith Reid As we start the New Year, Fuel Oil News interviewed Propane Gas Association of New England President Joe Rose for a run down on the state of this industry segment, the organization’s ongoing initiatives and some of the issues it will be facing in 2015. PGANE exists to serve the propane industry in the six New England ...

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