Propane Bills Successful in State Legislatures

Courtesy of PGANE

While NPGA’s State Affairs program has focused on industry priorities such as preventing natural gas expansion and capitalizing on autogas opportunities, there are a collection of propane-specific bills that have been watched closely over the past months. With almost half of the legislatures now adjourned for the year, there are some positive things to report.  Congratulations to our successful State Associations!

The Indiana Propane Gas Association achieved a major victory this year with SB 361, which provides limited liability for propane marketers. The bill was signed on April 30 and takes effect on July 1.

In Colorado, HB 1228 is sitting on the desk of Governor John Hickenlooper awaiting his signature. The bill adjusted the special fuel tax on propane to remove many of the administrative burdens on propane marketers.

Some states, including New York, continue to work towards establishing their own assessment programs. Arkansas‘ attempt at establishing a state PERC failed this year but may be reintroduced in the future. Oklahoma is waiting on the signature of Governor Mary Fallin on HB 1014, which moves its state PERC from a government agency to a private organization.

The Oklahoma Propane Gas Association opposed HB 1332, which proposed if there is an increase in the wholesale price of propane equal to or greater than 15 percent in any 10 day period, propane retailers will have at least 30 days to make payment for the deliveries. The bill died of inaction at the end of session, and it is unclear if it will be reintroduced.

An Idaho bill that would have established that no one other than the owner or lessor of a propane tank may fill, refill, evacuate or use the container also died when the legislative session ended. The New York Propane Gas Association is considering reintroducing a similar bill this year.

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