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At EEE: Exploring Biodiesel

“XBX Exploring Biodiesel: An Eye on the Horizon,” a touring seminar created by the National Biodiesel Board, will be on the program of the 2019 Eastern Energy Expo at The Hotel Hershey, Hershey, Pa. The presentation is scheduled for Monday, May 20. “At a time when policymakers are placing constraints on fossil fuels, biodiesel presents a path forward which will ...

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MEMA Expands Technical Education Center

The Maine Energy Marketers Technical Education Center (MTEC) in Brunswick, Maine, celebrated a grand opening for its $250,000 state-of-the-art expansion, which doubles student capacity and helps meet a growing need in Maine for professional heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) technicians. “The trades are hot right now,” Jamie Py, president of the Maine Energy Marketers Association, said in a ...

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US Patent Issued for Pro-Pal® Products

On July 8, 2014 Webstone, was issued a U.S. patent for its Pro-Pal® Primary/Secondary Purge Tee??? and Pro-Pal® Purge & Fill??? valve systems. Documentation has been filed to include worldwide patent rights for these products. Pro-Pal® Step Saving Valves for Professionals are designed to save time, eliminate components and minimize leak paths and are all backed by a lifetime warranty.  Founded in 1954, Webstone is recognized as an industry leader for innovative design of residential and commercial valves used in plumbing, hydronic, radiant, solar and geothermal applications. These designs focus on time and space saving concepts that simplify future maintenance and upkeep of all piping systems. Some of Webstone's trademarked and patented items include; Hydro-Core???, The Isolator®, Isolator EXP???, Pro-Connect???, and Pro-Pal® Step Saving Valves.

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INSIGHT Plus Combustion Analyzer with Reporting Kit Promotion

Purchase an INSIGHT® Plus Combustion Analyzer with Reporting Kit (with 3yr. O2 sensor ' P/N #0024-8518) and get over $330 in FREE upgrades! Your purchase includes the FREE Tune-Rite??? On Demand Software Assistant that helps you make more efficient service calls by 'guiding" you through the analysis process and system tuning.  Plus, you can choose a FREE Snifit®+ wearable carbon monoxide safety monitor OR a FREE 2-year B-Smart® Sensor Replacement Program. Offer valid through Dec. 31, 2014.  www.MyBacharach.com

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Diamond Grip for Deliver Drivers and Service Techs

Diamond Grip attaches dozens of case hardened, alloy steel grippers to the bottom of a shoe or boot. The patented six-pointed 'diamond beads" are strung on steel aircraft cable and put literally hundreds of biting edges under the heel and the ball of the foot to grip the slickest ice or hardest-packed snow. Unlike spikes, Diamond Grip's unique design spreads load evenly from heel to toe, eliminating uncomfortable 'hotspots." And the rubber sling that secures Diamond Grips to a shoe or boot never touches the walking surface, eliminating wear. Diamond Grips are designed for all day wear on ice and snow, are durable enough for the transition across asphalt and cement, and are easy to put on and take off for workers who have to get in and out of vehicles. Diamond Grip goes on in one smooth motion and stays on until you're ready to slip it off. The patented gripper design is self-clearing so there is no risk of icing up and losing traction, and the cleats are comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to last for years. Diamond Grip cleats are available from Grainger and a variety of other safety product distributors, outdoor retailers, and ICEtrekkers.com.

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American Business Forms & Envelopes has New Catalog

American Business Forms & Envelopes (www.meterticket.com), a leading provider of meter delivery tickets, has announced the launch of their new catalog which now includes many more examples of delivery and other items related to the fuel industry. In addition, dealers will be able to see pricing from meter tickets to door hanger envelopes.

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Grundfos Launches CM, CME Pump Assembly in Pennsylvania

In an effort to better serve customers' needs through expanded capacity, Grundfos has begun assembling its CM and CME horizontal multistage close-coupled pumps at its facility in Allentown, Pa., which serves as the main distribution center for the North American region.

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Bacharach Launches Heating Efficiency Savings Calculator App

Bacharach has announced the release of a new mobile app that can quickly calculate cost saving comparisons from tuning up an existing furnace or by replacing the furnace with a newer, more efficient model. The app, titled Heating Efficiency Savings Calculator, is available for free for the iPhone and iPad through the iTunes Store and for Android phones and tablets via the Google Play store.

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