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The 59th AHR Expo wowed the HVAC&R industry earlier this year, from Jan. 29-31, as it attracted an impressive number of exhibiting companies, exhibitor personnel and visitors.

The 2007 AHR Expo, which was held at the Dallas Convention Center, attracted 1,789 exhibiting companies, 313 of which were international companies that represented 31 countries, according to the expo’s preliminary statistics. In total, there were 19,065 registered exhibitor personnel and 28,130 total visitors, including 5,270 international visitors. This year’s expo covered more than 350,000 square feet of exhibition space and included close to 1,800 of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers from 32 countries.

It’s no wonder the AHR Expo is billed as the world’s largest HVAC&R trade show event for professionals to buy, sell, network and learn.

Since 1930 the AHR expo has been an indispensable resource for HVAC&R professionals in terms of products, ideas and services. It’s an engaging, interactive show that educates attendees on a diverse collection of equipment, systems and components. This industry highlight is produced and managed by Westport, Conn.-based International Exposition Company and is co-sponsored by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute. The Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Institute of Canada is an honorary sponsor, and 26 other major industry associations endorse the expo.

The AHR Expo is home to new product launches and demonstrations, and it’s a hotspot for breaking industry news and announcements. Staying current and competitive in this industry is crucial for attendees, and the 2007 AHR Expo was full of opportunities to ensure their companies’ viability.

Here’s a sampling of the 2007 AHR Expo’s industry offerings.

Cranston, R.I.-based Taco, Inc. introduced a Foam Compensating Low Water Cutoff control device for use primarily in low-pressure steam boilers. The LTF is an advanced microprocessor-based low water cutoff used for detecting the presence of coinducive fluid, such as foam, in a vessel or tank. The LTF provides continuous protection against a false water level reading due to its probe being in foam, and it cannot be tricked by the presence of conducive foam on its probe. The LTF uses a sensitive probe to detect an unsafe low water level or foam presence in a low-pressure steam boiler. The advanced microprocessor technology employed in the LTF can identify when the probe signal levels have decreased due to possible fouling and to signal that probe cleaning may be needed. The LTF automatically resets when water levels are safe so it doesn’t require periodic boiler shutdowns to determine actual water levels. The LTF can be used with an alarm or with an automatic water feeder, and its LED features report a low water condition, excessive foaming and a low signal level from its probe to indicate that probe cleaning may be needed.

Oventrop Corporation, based in East Granby, Conn., introduced its newest integrated solar domestic hot water heating system, the OVSOL System 5. For exceptional year-round performance is the OVSOL-5 Collector with 8 or 16 evacuated heat pipes. A patented convex magnatron sputtering absorber plate transfers more than 92 percent of incoming solar radiation into heat. The evacuated tubes and the manifold are separated from one another by a dry connection. For easy service, individual evacuated tubes can be replaced without interrupting the operation of the system. The heart of the OVSOL System 5 is the Regusol 130 solar control module. This complete package comes with an integrated microprocessor control, a circulator, a flow meter, a pressure relief valve, a pressure gauge, and a deaerator for the heat transfer fluid. Thermometers measure the incoming and outgoing solar temperatures. An integrated check valve prevents thermosyphoning.

Michigan City, Ind.-based Weil-McLain was recently granted the Good Housekeeping Seal, which was introduced in 1909 as one of the first tested and approved emblems in the United States to assure consumers that a manufacturer’s product has met the rigorous quality standards set forth by the Good Housekeeping Institute. The company also announced the launch of its new company Web site. The new weil-mclain.com features include: a Learning Center for homeowners, contractor and distributor locators, a contractor showcase, educational information and convenient links to service information, manuals and other product literature.

Flanders, N.J.-located Testo, Inc., released a new compact, Refrigerant Leak Detector for all AC, heat pump and refrigeration applications. Employing a unique, self-diagnosing, self-cleaning, sensor, the testo 316-4 detects refrigerant leaks down to less than 0.1 oz. per year in less than 1 second. The flexible 14.5″ gooseneck allows optimum positioning of the sensor close to the suspect pipe or fitting. A zoom mode allows for easy pinpointing of leak sources. Compatible with all refrigerants (CFC, HFC, HCFC) the unit is certified to SAE J1627 (pending). Simply swap sensors to convert to an ammonia leak detector (option). The standard sensor will also detect hydrogen leaks. Powered by rechargeable batteries the instrument and sensor are backed by a two-year warranty.

Testo 316-4

Taco Inc.’s LTF

Bell & Gossett’s new Differential Bypass Valve

Bacharach, Inc., based in New Kensington, Pa., has an extensive product line that includes instruments that detect, measure and record combustion and environmental gases, temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, and other air quality and safety parameters. A full line of refrigerant recovery equipment for residential, industrial and automotive applications further extends Bacharach’s family of products. Bacharach, Inc.’s HGM400 – Refrigerant Gas Monitoring System boasts a faster response time, new Windows-based software, optional local display and universal power supply. The company’s ECA 450 – Combustion Efficiency & Environmental Analyzer offers new computer data analysis software and is field upgradeable.

Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.’s Vitosol 300 vacuum tube collector produces exceptional year-round performance, especially in cold or windy conditions, thanks to its highly efficient design. It’s suitable not only for domestic hot water applications, but also as a supplement for your low temperature space heating system.

Some of the benefits of the Vitosol 300 include high efficiency collection of solar energy thanks to the heatpipe design, Sol-Titanium coated copper absorber and vacuum sealed glass tubes; intensive heat transfer from the condenser to the system fluid provided by the Duotec wrap-around pipe heat exchanger; a temperature limiting thermal valve in the condenser tip that prevents the system fluid from overheating during stagnation conditions; and universal application for flat and sloped roofs, or as a freestanding installation.

Albany, N.Y.-based ProTech Systems, Inc. recently announced its new FasNSmooth® and FasNFlex® Chimney Lining Systems, available in 316 stainless steel. These lightweight, easy-to-move cartons offer space-saving possibilities as they are stackable.

Morton Grove, Ill.-based Bell & Gossett, a unit of ITT Corporation, announced its innovative new Differential Bypass Valve, which is designed to control excess flow in hydronic systems. When there is a reduction in demand, the new valve acts as a bypass while ensuring adequate flow to the remaining open circuits. Designed to be used in systems where heating loads may be excluded from the circuit as zone valves close, the differential bypass valve also helps reduce velocity noise caused by excess flow through the circuits while maintaining the pump head at a constant valve.

Developed for hydronic systems utilizing zone valves, the new valve’s features include 3/4″ connection, all brass body with non-ferrous internals and horizontal or vertical installation.

AMTROL, Inc., located in West Warwick, R.I., introduced the new TD-80 BoilerMate, the newest addition to its successful line of Top Down Series indirect-fired water heaters. The 80-gallon TD-80 meets the demands of larger homes requiring more hot water at less cost. All connections are top-mounted for fast installation and easy servicing of the removable heat exchanger, while the unique High Density Polyethylene plastic liner is impervious to harsh water conditions. As the most efficient means of generating hot water, the TD-80 can qualify for efficiency rebates while providing all the hot water needed for large families.

Control Products, Inc., of Chanhassen, Minn., offers the industry the FreezeAlarm

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