Emerson Swan and Wohler

Being in business for 75 years is a notable accomplishment. Fuel Oil News recently announced the diamond anniversary of Wöhler, a worldwide manufacturing company with offices in over 20 locations around the globe. This year also marks the 75th anniversary of Emerson Swan, one of the largest manufacturing representation firms in the heating/plumbing and HVAC industries. Fittingly, both companies established a partnership in the fourth quarter of 2007 to offer products that deliver value to the wholesaler, dealers and ultimately to their customers.

Wohler, whose U.S. headquarters are in Danvers Mass., is responsible for the design and manufacturing of high quality test equipment, visual inspection systems and innovative tools for the home heating oil, heating/plumbing, HVAC and chimney sweep industries. The philosophy of this German based company is to work closely with customers to ensure that products meet or exceed the most exacting quality and performance standards. ‘European technology has always set the standard for efficiency, innovation and performance,” said Pete Cullen, vice president of sales and marketing for Wohler USA. Wohler’s test equipment is engineered for unequaled accuracy while also being easy to use. The goal is to provide tools to the technician that allow them to take specific readings and based on those readings adjust the equipment for maximum efficiency, safety and reliability.

Emerson Swan is a nationally recognized manufacturers representative organization serving the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. Emerson Swan represents a select group of U.S. and European manufacturers who offer quality products to the heating, plumbing and HVACR industries. Emerson Swan goes beyond the traditional role of a manufacturers representative by providing their customers with information on market trends and conditions, technical support and training. According to Ken Fagan, senior vice president, business development, ‘By listening and responding to the needs of our customers at all levels of the distribution chain, we are able to keep in tune with the market and address its needs.”

The commitment and the focus that Wohler and Emerson Swan share for technical training in the heating industry was one of the driving forces for this partnership. Wohler Institute of Technology offers a range of NORA approved courses in combustion theory, combustion efficiency testing and carbon monoxide testing typically offered through local NAOHSM chapters. Emerson Swan also offers technical training courses on a variety of topics from basic hydronics and basic electricity to advanced topics such as radiant heating and sophisticated electronic control systems. ‘Plans for future Emerson Swan courses include the use of advanced testing equipment, indoor air quality, high velocity air conditioning and visual inspection capabilities,” said Training Coordinator Bruce Marshall.

What do Wohler and Emerson Swan see in the future for the home heating oil industry? ‘One of the needs we see is for oil companies to offer visual inspection of the chimney to their customers,” said Fagan, ‘the issue of safety continues to surface and visually inspecting the flue for soot and for any defect in the structure of the chimney is the next step in ensuring safety and efficiency. It is a product that Wohler already offers through Emerson Swan (their A-500 Commercial Combustion and Emissions Analyzer), so you can count on it being part of our training program.”

The goals of the two companies are similar, being a valued partner to the home heating oil dealer and ultimately to their customers. In sharing similar values over their 75 years in business, both companies note that it’s a natural fit to take a team approach to accomplish their goals for the future.

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