NYC Oil Heat Service & Installation Competition

This year the Annual NYC Oil Heat Service & Installation Competition was recently held at Saunders Trade and Technical School in Yonkers, N.Y. The competition was comprehensive with a written test and a digital thermostat programming competition judged by NAOHSM’s Judy Garber. Several members of the local chapters and NAOHSM attended as guests and judges.

Students competed on various practical events including a piping event with copper and black pipe configurations; installing and wiring a probe type low water cut off; and an oil burner competition including Beckett, Carlin and Riello oil burners. The hydronic boiler-piping event started with a set of drawings and concluded with completely piped boiler.

A complete combustion analysis on a live-fired boiler was included with emphasis on improving efficiency. Service events included zone valve and circulator replacements and testing. Contestants were rated on technical knowledge, identification, safety, speed and manual dexterity.

Several of the judges were impressed with the soldering skills of some of the female contestants, which were the neatest solder joints they had ever seen. Awards and trophies were given out to the top performers.

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