Are You Prepared?

Not more than 13 months ago I experienced, as many of you know, a very bad accident that could have left me totally disabled. But, thank goodness, with the support of a first class surgeon, nurses, a top notch employer, family and many well wishes I’m back on my feet, and yes, with some limitations.

I have recently heard about more than one of our own industry’s finest and/or their spouses who have recently experienced some serious medical setback that has altered their lives in some manner.

In my case, one might ask if I was prepared. The answer is, you bet I was not. How can you be for an accident? But this is the reason for this piece, which I hope will help you think ahead of the high price of oil or who will be the next president.

Here are some suggestions that I would like to offer in the thought process of being prepared for the unexpected:

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