Rheem Introduces Total Access Training


Rheem Heating & Cooling (Fort Smith, Ark.) has introduced its Total Access Training. Available at www.thetrainingnetwork.com, this new, online multimedia training component includes several pre-existing courses for contractors and technicians that address seasonal climate issues and environmentally friendly solutions.

Available around the clock, Total Access Training is designed to help Rheem and Ruud contractors further expand their knowledge while growing their business. The affordable new training courses are part of The Training Network, which was updated earlier this year.

Courses focus on various technical and mechanical subjects that are especially prominent in today’s HVAC industry, including Thermostatic Expansion Valves; Improving Compressor Reliability; Refrigerant 410A; and a course on the innovative Rheem and Ruud Comfort Control System. In addition, Total Access Training allows contractors to develop and monitor their own personalized curricula that will help them achieve their training goals.

To help contractors continuously troubleshoot a multitude of problems, additional courses will be added to the Web site in the future. Courses include Electrical Fundamentals, Furnace Venting, Refrigeration Cycle, Business and Financial Management and more.  l FON


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