Rheem Offers New 180,000 BTU/H Outdoor Tankless Water Heater to Complete Whole-House ’66 Series”

Rheem Manufacturing Company has unveiled a new outdoor model for its 66 Series Residential Tankless Water Heater line. The RTG-66X is engineered to meet the hot-water needs of a conventional two-bath residence situated in the Sunbelt or in a coastal area within the Southern half of the United States.

With inputs ranging from 11,000 BTU/hour to 180,000 BTU/hour, the RTG-66X is capable of delivering hot water at a continual flow rate of 6.6 gallons per minute (GPM) when the temperature differential from cold to hot is 45°F. At a lower temperature rise of 35°F, it will deliver 8.4 GPM; and at a 60°F rise, 5.0 GPM.

Measuring only 23-5/8 inches high, 13-7/8 inches wide, and 8-7/8 inches deep, the petite RTG-66X takes up no more space than a standard medicine cabinet. It also sports a sleek new exterior ‘ an attractive dove gray cabinet with an upscale look that will complement any modern home décor.

The debut of the RTG-66X follows the introduction of the companion RTG-66DV direct vent tankless water heater last spring, providing both indoor and outdoor models in the intermediate category of 180,000 BTU per hour. Rheem also offers outdoor and indoor tankless models in two other categories: the 199,900 BTU/h ’74 Series” for larger homes and the 140,000 BTU/h ’53 Series” for smaller residences. The indoor offerings of these two segments include both power vent and direct vent models, while the new 66 Series offers only a direct-vent unit for indoor installation.

Whole-house power: Properly matching a tankless unit with a particular household’s hot-water needs depends on two key factors: 1) the home’s peak hot-water demand ‘ e.g., the largest amount of hot water used by a family at any one time; and 2) the temperature of incoming cold water at the coldest time of the year.

‘For residents of Southern California or coastal regions in the Sunbelt, the 66 Series will supply enough hot water throughout the year for two simultaneous showers, with capacity to spare for other household uses,” says Bob Hitchner, Director of Tankless Sales at Rheem. For this reason, Rheem recommends the 66 Series for two- and three-bathroom homes in Sunbelt locations with year-round inlet water temperatures of between 55°F and 60°F.

In the North, where incoming water temperatures will often fall to a frigid 40°F in January and February, Hitchner recommends the 66 Series for families who use water a little differently. ‘If a family staggers its showering, so that only one shower is in use at a time, the 66 Series promises a great, year-round, hot-water experience,” says Hitchner. ‘And there will always be plenty of hot water for other uses at the same time.”

The new RTG-66X offers two additional innovations:

Pre-programmed for high-altitude use: Unless optimized for high-altitude use, gas appliances cannot achieve their maximum BTU punch at mountain altitudes. Rheem has historically offered two high-altitude options: up to 6,560-foot or 9,840-foot elevations. But with the introduction of the 66 Tankless Series, an installer no longer must purchase a special altitude chip to program the unit to operate at maximum efficiency. Today, simply adjusting a built-in DIP switch will make the RTG-66X ‘ or its companion unit, the RTG-66DV ‘ mountain-ready.

Lower firing threshold for superior summertime performance: The 66 Series will activate with a hot-water demand of only 11,000 BTU/h. This feature allows it to fire even when the temperature differential between the incoming cold water and the hot water at the outlet is relatively small ‘ as it tends to be during the warmer months. ‘In the summertime, with a bathroom faucet flowing at just one gallon per minute, the 66 Series will heat water that is just 18 degrees cooler than the desired temperature,” says Hitchner. ‘In comparison, most competitive models would require a temperature differential of 24°F or higher to activate.”

The RTG-66X carries a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, five years on parts and one year on labor. Recessed installation boxes, insulated pipe coverings and a full line of accessories are available to support outdoor installation. With a shipping weight of 54 pounds, the RTG-66X is third-party-certified by the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association to have a minimum Energy Factor of .82. Its annual operating cost with natural gas is $223; with LP gas, $374.

About Rheem Manufacturing Company
Rheem Manufacturing Company (www.rheem.com) is a privately held company with headquarters in Atlanta. In its 81st year of operation, the company manufactures a full-line of high-quality residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, tank and tankless water heaters, swimming pool heaters and commercial boilers throughout North America and world markets. The premium brands of Rheem Manufacturing Company include Raypak, Ruud and Rheem. Rheem Manufacturing Company is the official heating, cooling and water heating supplier to Richard Childress Racing and Kevin Harvick Inc. as well as the major associate sponsor of the No. 29 Sprint Cup® car driven by Kevin Harvick, 2007 Daytona 500 Champion, 2007 Craftsman Truck Series Champion and 2006 Busch Series Champion. Rheem is also the primary sponsor of Kevin Harvick Inc.’s No. 33 and No. 77 cars in Nationwide® Series and sponsor of KHI’s 2 and 33 entries in The Craftsman Truck Series.

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