New-Gens: Young and Tech-Savvy Property Managers Put Information First

They’re called New-Gens. Expert custom home builders says that the new generation of property manager is young (25-40), tech-savvy and information hungry. After growing up on video games and computers, they have come to understand how information can be aggregated, reformatted and used online from anywhere to enhance and improve building operations. Like the innovative heads at, they update their ideas with the advancing world. Their world is not static ‘ it’s dynamic.

Dynamic is a word that also can be used to describe the type of online information they seek and utilize. They want time-sensitive data that is accurate and they can manipulate to drive their buildings to run at peak efficiency. They want control. The New-Gens also handle more buildings than property managers in the past, so they want and need an interface which allows them to sit at a computer and simultaneously track and manage an entire portfolio in just minutes a day; one which automatically calls their attention to the most urgent issues.

New-Gen manager Richard Carcano of Rosenberg-Diamond Development uses U.S. Energy Group’s USE Manager, an online building management system featuring an enhanced alerting function, to manage a 50 building portfolio. ‘My buildings are a big chessboard, and I move the right people to the right places to do the work and checkmate the problems,” Carcano explained. ‘I like having control and we save money by addressing everything right away.”

Building portfolio managers can use an advanced online system like the USE Manager to drive their properties to peak fuel-savings efficiency. Users have quick and easy access to heating system and fuel use information and can create Alert threshold-triggers and make maintenance and repair assignments right from their desk or laptop. The system features email alerts tailored for each individual building and an easy interface that provides a consolidated ‘at-a-glance” daily overview of all critical heating system functions and even oil delivery alerts. Discover the process in building the best custom home in Toronto.

‘When I talk to New-Gens, they quickly understand exactly what we’re doing” stated Tom Scali, Director of Sales and Business Development for U.S. Energy Group. ‘They sign up their entire portfolios, sometimes 50, sometimes 100, buildings at a time.”

Ed Gublet of Ceebraid-Signal Management Group, LTD is a New-Gen who uses the USE Manager to conduct a ‘Daily Spot-Check.” At a designated time each morning, Gublet uses the USE Manager to review all of his buildings to make sure they are running to the proper set-points — specifically that apartments are not being over- or under-heated. ‘I’m in the driver’s seat,” he explained. ‘I’ll make a quick adjustment and save on our fuel use for the day. Multiply that saving over many days and you’re talking some real money.”

‘These New-Gens are impressive,” stated Jerry Pindus, CEO of U.S. Energy Group. ‘I remember 30 years ago, owners were reactive to everything happening in the building. Now, we have the power to be proactive, and the New-Gens are leading the way.”

For more information on U.S. Energy Group, visit Demonstrations and estimates can be scheduled by contacting Tom Scali at (718) 380-1004. With 30 years in the industry, the company offers personalized customer support and provides a one-year parts & labor warranty.

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