National Grid Provides Incentives for Using U.S. Energy Group’s Products

Fresh Meadows, NY: National Grid, which delivers natural gas and electricity to over 6 million customers in the Northeast United States, announced incentives for their customers who use U.S. Energy Group’s products, including the USE Controller EMS and the USE Manager online building monitoring system. National Grid’s Multifamily Housing Program offers energy audits and financial incentives for energy saving measures to multifamily facilities that are on a qualifying commercial rate for natural gas.  

Energy Management Systems (EMS), such as U.S. Energy Group’s USE Controller EMS, are the most effective way to retrofit an existing building to be energy efficient. These systems cycle the boiler using both the outdoor temperature and the indoor temperature of the building, making certain the building is heated to just the right degree-point. The USE Manager provides enhanced control and alerting functions, enabling property managers to drive their buildings to optimal performance one degree at a time.

Under National Grid’s Multifamily Housing Program, customers may be eligible to receive up to $2 per therm saved in the first year, capped at 50% of the installation costs up to $100,000 per project. Custom rebates are provided for redesign of space heating or water heating systems, steam system upgrades, building insulation, premium efficiency windows and doors, programmable thermostats, heat recovery ventilation systems, energy management systems, or sophisticated burners and/or controls for boilers. 

‘This program provides us the opportunity to identify a wide range of natural gas efficiency opportunities for our customers,” stated Lee Westerlind, Multifamily Program Manager for National Grid. ‘By providing incentives for energy upgrades, we greatly impact the payback period for the projects while reducing the overall energy costs for the buildings.”

‘We work with National Grid to identify our customers that are eligible for the incentives,” mentioned Tom Scali, Director of Sales and Business Development for U.S. Energy Group. ‘We identify opportunities for rebates. It’s great to be able to tell customers they’re eligible for a rebate they never knew they could get.”

‘U.S. Energy Group joins National Grid in their commitment to a sustainable future,” stated Jerry Pindus, CEO of U.S. Energy Group. ‘We are very pleased to be included in their Multifamily Housing Program.”

For more information on U.S. Energy Group, visit Demonstrations and estimates can be scheduled by contacting Tom Scali at (718) 380-1004. With 30 years in the industry, the company offers personalized customer support and provides a one-year parts & labor warranty. For more information on National Grid’s Multifamily Housing Program, visit

Founded in 1978 by CEO Jerry Pindus, U.S. Energy Group is a metro-New York based firm, which develops and integrates energy control, monitoring and analysis systems for large residential properties. With the slogan ‘Building Efficiency Through Information Management,” the company’s three flagship products include: USE Manager

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