Judging only by the turnout at the 61st AHR Expo, the larger economic turmoil present worldwide was hardly detectable. The show, held at Chicago’s McCormick Place from Jan. 26-28, 2009, was among the biggest in the history of the event.

The AHR Expo is the HVAC/R industry’s largest trade show, and this year’s totals for exhibiting companies surpassed last year’s, which was held in New York.  More than 54,000 professionals were registered, which includes 35,000 attendees and over 19,000 exhibitor personnel.  The Expo-goers filled the aisles looking for the latest products and technologies from more than 1,900 exhibiting companies, over 396,048 total square footage of exhibit space.

The number of domestic exhibiting companies was 1,528 with 383 international companies from 35 different countries. More than 230 companies attended the show for the first time.

Response to the show was positive, especially in light of the precarious global financial conditions. 

‘It’s important to be here, especially, in down economic times,” said Andy Culver from Invensys Controls. ‘We cut back on a lot of shows, but year after year, this is the best for HVAC/R professionals.”

The AHR Expo held the seventh annual Innovation Awards, an industry-wide competition. The winners were announced and honored on Tuesday, Jan. 27 during the show.  Submissions were picked from over 100 products entered into nine award categories. The Danfoss Apexx VSH Series won the Innovation Award in the Cooling category as well as the AHR Expo Product of the Year award. The judges chose Danfoss’ variable speed scroll compressors for commercial air conditioning because it overall best met the competition criteria: innovation, application, value and market impact. 

The $8,100 in entry fees from the AHR Expo Innovation Awards competition was donated to HomeAid Chicago to assist in providing a complete climate control system reworking for a domestic violence shelter in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Since its inception, the AHR Expo Innovation Awards program has donated more than $50,000 to various organizations throughout the country.

Thousands of products were on display at the 2009 AHR EXPO. The following is merely a sampling.



Taco introduced a new ’00” circulator for the clean energy solar thermal market at the 2009 AHR EXPO. The Variable Speed Solar Control Circulator continuously optimizes water flow through the solar collector to achieve maximum energy gain.

The new product offering combines the advanced features of Taco’s external speed and solar controls with the reliability and convenience of the dependable ’00” cartridge circulator. All wiring for power and sensors is done directly to the circulator while the LED status panel makes it easy to check functionality. Dip switch-based user configurable settings allow a fast set-up, regardless of the solar application.

The Variable Speed Solar Control circulator maximizes energy gain by maintaining the proper delta T through the solar collector over an extended period of time. The circulator continuously adjusts its speed, maximizing the output of the collector, while increasing the usable higher temperature water throughout the day, eliminating short cycling and increasing performance by some 20 percent.

The all-in-one UL approved Taco solar circulator can easily be set up to work in a variety of solar applications, with single or double storage tanks, a single storage tank with auxiliary heat sink, heat exchanger, collector sink/dump, booster pump function or storage tank supplement. It can also be used with drain back applications.

It is available in several ’00” sizes ‘ 006, 008, 009 and 0011 in either cast iron or non-ferrous. Two sensors are included as well as a snap-in PC board.

Taco ‘ Cranston, RI ‘ www.taco-hvac.com


New, cost-sensitive flat plate collector shown at AHR Expo

With the new Vitosol 100-F flat plate solar collector, exhibited at the recent AHR Expo in Chicago, Viessmann has added an economy option to its line of flat plate and vacuum tube solar collectors. The collector features rugged, high-quality aluminum frame construction, impact-resistant solar glass, excellent solar energy harvest with a selectively-coated copper absorber, as well as an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The new 100-F Series is a no-frills, high-quality, high-performance collector that provides excellent value for any solar installation. Available with the same quick-connect fittings, pre-fabricated mounting hardware and system components as other Viessmann collectors, it’s an excellent low-cost option for installations where budget consideration are a key factor, such as large-scale commercial applications.

Suitable for a wide range of solar thermal applications, the 100-F Series is ideal for solar domestic hot water (DHW) or pool heating systems. For best results in colder climates, Viessmann also offers the premium series Vitosol 200-F flat plate collector with a higher insulation level, or the Vitosol 300-T heat pipe vacuum tube collector.

Now OG-100 certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), the 100-F collector qualifies for available U.S. state and federal incentive programs. In Canada, the collector will be part of the Government of Canada’s ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat Program for commercial and industrial installations.

The new 100-F Series collector is part of the industry’s most complete line of design-matched solar thermal systems: Flat-plate and vacuum tube solar collectors, dual- or single-coil DHW storage tanks, pre-fabricated all-in-one pumping stations, a complete line of solar controls, pre-insulated piping systems, unique mounting hardware and more. Available as convenient pre-packaged systems for residential applications or customized to match the specific requirements of any commercial or residential installation.

Viessmann ‘ Warwick, RI ‘ www.viessmann.com

Testo Combustion Efficiency Analyzers

This basic efficiency analyzer is designed for heating technicians installing or servicing burners, boilers, furnaces and other combustion appliances to ensure each system’s safe operation and efficiency. These sturdy, lightweight analyzers are rugged and reliable with durable sensors that come standard with a three-year warranty ‘ the best in class. The 327-1 operates longer in the field with minimal routine maintenance. Once every three to four years, simply order a do-it-yourself maintenance sensor and supplies for replacement in the field, not in the factory. The sensor has a three year warranty, with a four line display and a five hour Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Self-service kits are available.

Testo ‘  Sparta, NJ ‘ www.testo.us


Onspot Automatic Tire Chain kit

Onspot Automatic Tire Chains is pleased to announce the availability of its Onspot Automatic Tire Chain System with the GM C-4500 chassis equipped with Granning air suspension. Working in conjunction with Roadmaster Suspension Company, the Onspot chain system is mounted forward of the rear axle and the Roadmaster sway bar Part # 1109174 is mounted behind the rear axle, providing the customer with increased traction and stability.

Onspot ‘ Stratford, Conn. ‘ www.onspot.com


WILO Stratos ECO Residential High-Efficiency Circulators

The WILO Stratos ECO is the award-winning standard for high-efficiency residential circulators. Automatically adjusting to system demands, pressure by-pass valves, balancing, over-pumping and noisy zones are a thing of the past. Like the commercial Stratos, the ECO offers up to 80 percent energy savings compared to an uncontrolled circulator, consuming only 5.8 to 59 watts. Replacing up to twelve competitor’s models, there is only one pump you need in the truck. The Stratos ECO was given an honorable mention by the AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the Heating category.

WILO USA LLC ‘ Melrose Park, IL ‘  www.wilo-usa.com



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