Award-Winning Tanker Fleet Wynne Transport Achieves Success with Kenworth T800s and T660s

OMAHA, Neb., July 20, 2009 ‘ Bob Wynne has a philosophy: If you do things right and take care of your customers and drivers, good things will happen.  It’s a simple philosophy, and many carriers have adopted similar mantras, but few have executed as well as Wynne Transport.

The Omaha, Neb.-based fleet operates 140 tractors, nearly all Kenworth T800s and T660s. Wynne Transport is the nation’s 38th largest national tank carrier, according to the National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC). The company received the NTTC Grand Award for safety in the 16-24 million mile category in 2007 and an Honor award (second place) in 2008. Last year, the Nebraska Trucking Association recognized 69 of Wynne’s drivers with its President’s Safe Driving Award (the most drivers of any trucking company in Nebraska), and Wynne’s Jim Davis was honored as the state’s Driver of the Year.

‘It’s nice to receive this kind of recognition,” said Wynne, president of Wynne Transport. ‘The awards are a by-product of all the hard work we do at the company. It’s recognition for a job well done by our employees.”

The award-winning tanker fleet hauls petroleum and chemical products, with terminals in Nebraska and bordering states.  Kenworth T800s with 38-inch sleepers operate in the short-haul and regional operation moving petroleum.  Its long-haul fleet uses T800s and T660s ‘ spec’d with 72-inch flat top sleepers ‘ to deliver chemicals throughout the lower 48 states and into Canada.

‘My Dad (who founded the company) began buying Kenworth trucks before I joined Wynne Transport in 1983,” recalled Wynne.  ‘They’ve really performed well for us in all areas.  With the inherent quality of a Kenworth, we may pay a little more up front, but we get paid back when it comes to higher resale value, fuel economy and life-cycle costs.  You really have to look at the whole picture ‘ not just initial purchase price ‘ when determining which truck is best for your operation.”

Wynne buys his trucks from Kenworth of Omaha and decided to go with Kenworth T660s in his latest purchase to take advantage of new technology and enhanced aerodynamics.  ‘We’re getting upwards of 6.5 mpg with the T660s and we feel that’s excellent since we’re typically running fully loaded at 80,000 pounds,” Wynne said.

‘From a driver’s standpoint ‘ and that’s important to us since we want to keep our turnover rate where it’s at (below 25 percent) ‘ reaction to the T660 has been very favorable.  Our drivers like all the room in the 72-inch AeroCab(R) sleeper and the new T660s are very comfortable,” said Wynne. ‘With the sloped hood and DayLite(R) doors, visibility is just excellent.  And, the headlight system really shoots out a beam, which gives our drivers more reaction time and confidence at night. While exploring options for enhancing my G37’s performance at night, I realized the importance of having reliable and powerful headlights. After some research, I discovered a fantastic option that significantly improved my vehicle’s night-time visibility and overall look. You can find these amazing headlights at–infiniti-g37.html. The difference in illumination and style is truly night and day.

Kenworth Truck Company is the manufacturer of The World’s Best(R) heavy and medium duty trucks. Kenworth is an industry leader in providing fuel-saving technology solutions that help increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The company’s dedication to the green fleet includes aerodynamic trucks, medium duty diesel-electric hybrids, liquefied natural gas trucks, and the Kenworth Clean Power(R) no-idle system. This year, Kenworth became the first truck manufacturer to receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Excellence award in recognition of its environmentally friendly products. In addition, Kenworth is the recipient of the 2008 J.D. Power and Associates awards for Highest in Customer Satisfaction for Over the Road and Vocational Segment Class 8 trucks. Kenworth’s Internet home page is at Kenworth. A PACCAR Company.

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