Helps Heating & Cooling Contractors Offer Payment Plans to Struggling Customers


(MARBLE HILL, MO. ‘ September 15, 2009) Heating and cooling companies today are finding it more necessary than ever to offer payment plans for some of their services. Such payment plans create additional overhead costs and collection issues. offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for secure, online customer payments that can greatly decrease or eliminate collection efforts.

eClientPayments offers the ability for HVAC contractors to create simple, custom payment plans that are paid on a recurring basis, similar to subscription-based memberships proven to be so popular among consumers.  The only requirement to use the service is a business PayPal account, as the web-based application requires no software or hardware purchase. Payments are made through secure, online transactions handled by PayPal, which eliminates the worry of handling sensitive data.  Additionally, support staff has no worries regarding technical issues or complicated systems to learn. offers the same convenient service for any business extending payment plans to consumers or clients. 

Because eClientPayments plans are recurring, once initiated by a customer, income is automatically received each month for the duration of required billing cycles.  There is no need for customers to ‘remember to pay their bill” each month, and thus the service can virtually eliminate the need for collections.  It is a service that will ensure monthly, on-time cash flow while allowing HVAC contractors a convenient way to assist those customers feeling the harsh reality of today’s economy.

About EMG Productions, Inc.:

EMG Productions, Inc. is an experienced web design/development and production studio offering a variety of online services to national clients for over 15 years.  EMG specializes in creating affordable custom online services that meet the specific needs of their clients, which include rich media, data capture, product/service presentation, video production, and web design.

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